As the owner of a Toyota Hilux car, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories. You have a wide range of Hilux accessories available today to make driving a more convenient and luxurious experience. 

If you’re planning to buy some Hilux accessories anytime soon, here are your choices.

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List of Hilux accessories

These Hilux accessories can be customized to meet your preferences and requirements. 

Tonneau Cover

A soft tonneau cover is a must-have Hilux accessory if you have a pickup truck as it protects your goods and even your car from rain, snow, and other weather elements. These covers attach to your pickup truck easily with a clip that’s hassle-free to attach and remove. The biggest advantage with Hilux accessory is that it requires no drilling whatsoever to the car’s body. It is also tested for the harsh weather of Australia, so it is perfectly safe to take it with you during your next trip to the great outdoors!

Bed Liners

Another important accessory for pickup trucks is bed liners as they are designed to protect your deck bed from the vagaries of nature. You can line the deck of your car with a wide range of Hilux accessories such as an aluminum bed liner, a deck bed liner that’s made of rigid polyethylene for tough and lasting protection, and a bed rug liner that looks like a carpet but can hold heavy loads including mud. All these bed liners are designed to last for a long time and can give your deck the utmost protection even while taking heavy loads. Much of these are easy to clean, even when there are hard greases. 

Bonnet Protector

A bonnet protector not only protects your car from the light debris of the roads but also adds to the look and feel of your Hilux. Also, it is made of high-quality acrylic that lasts long and reduces the possibility of cracks and discoloration due to debris and weather conditions.

Weather Shields

Weather shields are an essential Hilux accessory as they prevent water and wind from getting into your way while driving. Even, when you keep your windows slightly open, these accessories prevent the water and wind from entering, thereby helping your car to remain stable in any weather condition. It also looks sleek and integrates well with the overall looks of your Hilux car.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are an important and highly-used accessory that can improve the life of your car and keep it clean and dust-free without a lot of effort. These mats are tailor-made to fit the specific size of your car, so they are sure to fit well and give a great look and feel to your car. Also, the fact that these rubber floor mats are made of high-quality materials add to their advantage. 

When you take a closer look at the design, you’ll see that the edges are raised and this prevents the mud and water from entering your car. This rubber material provides the right traction for liquids to ensure that they don’t flow over your car’s carpets, thereby making it difficult to clean. The design and material of these mats make it easy to clean as well and a water wash with a simple hose can get all the dirt and dust out within minutes. 

Accessories For Style

Don’t all of us want to look nice and presentable when we step out? Along with us, we want our cars also to make the right impression on others and we want it to reflect our style and way of life. When that’s the case, you should have accessories that style up your car.

The good news is there are a ton of Hilux accessories to choose from that can greatly enhance the style of your car. Some of the possible ones you can choose include:

· Tailgate handles garnish – This is a piece of metal in chrome that highlights the rear-end styling of your car.

· Front grille – You can add a front grille made of chrome for a distinctive and appealing look as your car rolls into town.

· Air intake – An air intake in chrome not only adds to the looks of your car but also improves the overall air circulation within and outside your car.

· Door handles – Whoever said door handles have to be boring and dull? Not anymore. You can always add a dash of chrome to your handle to enhance the overall look of your car when you step in and out.

· Headlamp bezel – This bezel emphasizes your car’s headlights and adds a distinctive look that is hard to miss for anyone.

· Tailgate brake light cover – The tailgate’s central brake light is highlighted with this light cover, so every time you slam the brakes, you make an impression to others.

· Rear light bezel – Just like the headlamp, the rear light can also be enhanced with a piece of metal chrome.

· Alloy wheels – The alloy wheels are another must-have accessory that sure to make heads turn when you stop at a traffic light or when you drive through town. These alloy wheels are designed with precision and quality and the combined strength and durability to balance your car and its wheels, and at the same time, adding to your car’s overall style. 

Overall, these Hilux accessories greatly add to the style and appeal of your car. They not only create a great impression about you and your car on others, but it can also make you feel great to drive that is so steeped in luxury and reflects you in every way possible.

The above list of Hilux accessories should give you a glimpse into the variety and versatility that Toyota offers for this model and make. Choose the ones that appeal to you and can make your driving experience a lot more enjoyable, not to mention the high levels of utility that come from them.