fifo racks

Product features:

1. Design and build special working equipment and production system with standard materials (lean pipes, joints and accessories);

2. Simple construction, flexible application, not limited by the shape of components, working space and site size;

3. The transformation is simple and can expand its structure function at any time as needed;

4. Give full play to the creativity of on-site staff and continuously improve the lean production management on site;

5. Materials can be reused to save production cost and support environmental protection;

6. The surface of lean pipe is covered with plastic layer, which is not easy to damage the surface of parts;

7. Improve production efficiency, improve the overall quality of employees, and inspire potential.

Product application scope;

Photocopier, printer lean production system digital camera, projector lean production system communication products lean production system Pc products lean production system electronic products lean production system electrical products lean production system automobile manufacturing work station equipment material storage cycle equipment storage rack commercial use display

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