lean tube workstation

Lean tube workstaions, work benches and assemble Cells

Workstation and assembly cell are at the heart of many manufacturing operation , It is therefore critical that  they are  designed to be as ergonomic, flexible and efficient as possible , Lean tube is ideal for building workbeaches , workstations and assembly cells as it fully support lean manufacturing , We are Confident in this claim as Toyota- the pioneers of TPS, a forerunner to lean manufacturing - are using LEAN TUBE in the Lean Produce.

The ergonomic design of work arear is crucial not only for compliance with health and safety regulations but also for employee comfort and efficiency , An ergonomically designed work area will reduce injuries and fatigue, while increasing productivity , Unlike  off -the- shelf desks , all Lean tube structures are bespoke so workstains can be designed and built to be as ergonomic as posssible for specific task that will be carried out, Furthermore as Lean Tube structures are not welded, the design can be easily modified if ergonomic improvements are identified.

lean tube workstationlean tube workstation           lean tube workstation   lean tube workstation  lean tube workstation

The Lean tube system is incredibly flexible and can be used to build everything from a simple workbench all the way up to a full assembly cell or even a production line, Workstation can designed to accoummodate a wide priduct mix and reconfigued if the process changes, Lean tube racks can also be incorporated into a workstation to hold part bins which are compatible with Kanban systems, Continuous improvement is also simplified as the tubes and joints used to build the workstation can rapidly changed during Kaizen events. Finally if the workstation is no longer required , it can be disassembled and the parts used to build other Lean tube structures.

Of the 7 Wastes, the one with the most impact on operators is motion-any movement that is not required of greater than required , A well designed Lean tube workstation will minimise operator motion allowing them to be more productive. Work stations can also be moved closer together to minimise the transportation of productes ans the distance that operators have to walk . Visual management is improved because Lean tube can be colour coded for specific areas while the openness off  the structures imporves visibility on the shop floor , There is also a benefit for 5S initiatives, Lean Tube workstations can be designed to make them easy to clean and set in door.

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