• Caster with brake
  • Caster with brake
  • Caster with brake
  • Caster with brake

Caster with brake

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Product Details
Product Namethe brake caster 
Other Product NamesMecanum wheels/Universal wheel/Cardan casters
MaterialRubber wheel/Nylon wheel/ PU wheel/Mute wheel

Product Details :

The casters allow for 360 degree rotation.

Product Advantages :

The movable wheels can rotate 360 degrees to move, which is easier to pull up on flat roads, and can be pushed sideways in narrow places, which is more flexible.

Product Specifications :

We have a wide range of specifications. For more details, please contact us.

Product Application :

Castor as part of the general parts of hardware, with the development of industrialization, more and more equipment need to move, in order to improve the function and utilization of castor has become the indispensable components, are widely used in the factory revolving cars, logistics carts, all kinds of equipment, computer equipment, medical equipment, ship terminal handling equipment, etc.

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