• 28mm Beige lean pipe
  • 28mm Beige lean pipe

28mm Beige lean pipe

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Lean Tube Beige PE Coating Steel Pipe for Industrial Workshop

Lean tube, also known as multiple tube, or flexible pipe, is by the high quality cold rolled steel strip after surface treatment, lean pipe with plastic resin coating, surface with PE/ESD plastic layer, a mix of cladding coating on the inner surface. Of products, is beautiful, wear resistance, colour and lustre is light, rust non-polluting characteristics of standard material of wire rods was 27.8 + / - 0.2 mm in diameter, tube wall plastic layer with PE/ESD plastic, steel tube wall thickness of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm, standard.

Easy to assemble: the assembly is simple and fast, which can reduce the assembly time and improve efficiency.

Reuse: lean pipe can be reused, contributing to the environment and reducing equipment costs.

Muti-function: to enrich spare parts to achieve a variety of USES, such as shelves, workstations, turnover vehicles, etc.

It can help you reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and improve the working environment. Flexible pipe products can also reduce the time and necessity required to remove and remove parts and tools Move because the main components of the plastic coated pipe product are covered with plastic.

Designed new accessories matching the original lean material rack. The flexible pipe product system can increase the use of different production modes or different stations through the needs of different products.

It is necessary to change the logistics station equipment from time to time due to the diversification of modern production products. And adjust from time to time during production. Building block components can almost be constructed.

Lean material disposal system of production with good flexibility, by simple design, like flexible pipe products equipment, allows you to according to your special needs to design, build and adjust.

The products of lean pipe assembly in industry mainly include: flexible pipe table, flexible pipe working platform, flexible pipe revolving car, flexible pipe shelf, flexible pipe material rack and flexible pipeline, side rack, station equipment, trolley, aging car, flexible pipe line, flexible pipe belt line, flexible pipe transmission line, flexible pipe transportation line, flexible pipe transportation line, etc.

28mm Beige lean pipe

28mm Beige lean pipe

28mm Beige lean pipe

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