• 28mm black lean pipe
  • 28mm black lean pipe
  • 28mm black lean pipe

28mm black lean pipe

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Product Details

Model NOJP-PE0803
Wall thickness0.8/1.0/1.2mm


28mm black lean pipe

28mm black lean pipe

Product Characteristics:

Simplicity, flexibility, and conforms to the lean production mode.The exterior of the finished product is made of plastic, and the colors are beige, milky white, black, green, red, blue, etc., which can be selected and designed according to the actual needs of individuals or enterprises. Therefore, the steel-plastic composite pipe.

Product Advantages:

After it is composed of products, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, wear-resisting, bright color, anti-rust and pollution-free. It is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products. This material is simple to process, low price, suitable for all walks of life, can reduce costs.

Product Application:

Each type of workbench or combined into a different unit production system (lean production). Storage shelves (Traditional multi-layer shelf, medium and light multi-layer FIFO fluent shelf). Lean pipe production line. Lean tube bench, Etc. We provide customized business to meet the needs of different customer groups, please contact us soon.

28mm black lean pipe

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