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lean pipe car

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Product Details
Product NameLean pipe tote cart
Other product namesFlat car
Product specificationFree design and assembly according to customer requirements
MaterialPE/ABS/ESD coated + Steel / Plastic coated + Steel / Stainless Steel

Product Details

Lean pipe tote cart is also called anti-static turnover car or PCB board turnover car, it is acid resistant, alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and odorless, so it has anti-folding, anti-aging, bearing strength characteristics, lean pipe turnover car, especially polyurethane casters, no damage to the dustless workshop floor without traces.

Product features

Lean pipe tote cart is mainly composed of flexible rod pipe, lean pipe metal joint, laminate and casters.

Product advantages

Acid - resistant, alkali - resistant, oil resistant, non - toxic and tasteless, folding resistance, aging resistance, high bearing strength.

Product Application

The turnover car is made up of the lean tube and its accessories, so it is easy to install, high flexibility, can control the height and size at will, it can be according to your imagination and your special requirements for it to be personalized assembly.Widely used in SMT processing, machinery, automotive, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other production enterprises in the logistics of transport, distribution, storage, circulation and processing links,etc.

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