• Black Pipe Clamp HJ-3P
  • Black Pipe Clamp HJ-3P
  • Black Pipe Clamp HJ-3P
  • Black Pipe Clamp HJ-3P

Black Pipe Clamp HJ-3P

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Product Details
Product nameBlack Pipe Clamp
Other product namesBar joint/metal joint/Metal Connector/Metal bar connector
Product modelHJ-3P
Surface treatmentPaint-drying

Product Details:

It is used for four lean pipes to form a three-dimensional 90-degree structure. Three sets of M6 bolts shall be assembled.

Product features:

It has the features of convenient disassembly, flexible assembly and high production efficiency.

Product Advantages:

1. Its structure is simple

2. It has a unified identification standards, in line with ISO9000 and QS9000 requirements;

3. Its combination is flexible, recombination structure is convenient;

4. The flexible pipe surface can reduce the risk of injury to workers in the workplace;

5. Pollution-free production, components can be recycled, in line with international environmental standards;

6. It conforms to the human body mechanics, easy to install, multi-purpose concept, and gives full play to the best economic and benefits.

Product Application:

Bar joint is mainly used in the manufacturing of various enterprise production lines, because anyone can design bar joint products. Bar joint products use the simplest industrial production concepts that are easy to understand. Bar -joint products do not have to consider too many precise data and structural rules other than load specifications.

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