• Chroming Pipe Clamp HJ-16D

Chroming Pipe Clamp HJ-16D

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Product Details
Product nameChroming Pipe Clamp
Product modelHJ-16D
Other product nameChrome plated connectors/Lean joint/Bar joint
Surface treatmentChromium plating

Product Details:

Used for two lean pipes to form a 90 degree structure.Two sets of M6 bolts shall be assembled.

Product features:

It has the features of convenient disassembly, flexible assembly and high production efficiency.

Product Advantages:

Chrome-plated joint is generally applied to the product surface of the mold, after treatment, the surface of the mold, the workpiece is smooth, bright and clean, easy to come off the mold, will not rust.

Especially the metal joint in the process of plating, the original parts of the deformation will be relatively reduced. Hardness can be enhanced after chrome-plated surface (HR65 or above).

High temperature resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance.

Product Application:

The chroming pipe clamp can be combined with the lean pipe (wire rod/compound pipe) to form various flexible workstations, storage shelves, turnover vehicles, etc.

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