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What Is An Antistatic Workbench?

May. 09, 2019

As a manufacturer of  Lean Manufacturing Pipe System, we will discuss What is an antistatic workbench with you.

The anti-static workbench is a kind of workbench which is made up of lean tubes, wire rods, and anti-static skin. It is named because the countertops arranged on the workbench are made of anti-static materials. The main frame of the anti-static workbench is made of metal material, and the anti-static table top is made of anti-static fireproof board. It has good anti-static measures and excellent anti-static performance.

Lean Manufacturing Pipe System

The anti-static workbench is made of a Lean Pipe, wire rod, and anti-static skin. The height of the worktable can be adjusted by adjusting the foot under the main frame of the workbench. The cable configuration box can be reserved on the anti-static workbench and has several groups. Multi-function power socket, easy to match with lighting system, easy to disassemble and reorganize.

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