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Appearance Requirements And Removal Points For Moving Scaffolding Accessories

May. 05, 2019

Today we Lean Pipe System Manufacturer come to summarize the Appearance requirements and removal points for moving scaffolding accessories.

When purchasing mobile scaffolding accessories, we must check the appearance of the products, and the products that meet the requirements can be put into use. There should be no cracks on the surface, rusted parts, and the bending degree during processing should not exceed too much. The steel pipe cannot be used long. The structure of the moving scaffolding parts is relatively strong, and there are few cases of thick line cracks. If drilling is required, the punching technique cannot be used.

Lean Manufacturing Pipe System

Before removing the mobile scaffolding accessories, the materials on the scaffolding, such as tools and debris, should be removed. When dismantling the scaffolding, a warning zone should be set up, a warning sign should be set up, and a special person should be responsible for the alert. Demolition points please be sure to remember, this is very important, the correct removal will not affect the next use, in order to extend the life of the product.

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