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Application Characteristics Of Lean Tube

Nov. 02, 2019

Lean tube, also known as composite tube or flexible tube, is a welded steel tube with a plastic resin coating after surface treatment of high-quality steel tubes. The outer surface is made of PE/ABS/ESD plastic layer, and the inner surface is covered with anti-corrosion layer. PE Coated Tube are most commonly used.

After the product is composed, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, wear resistance, bright color, anti-rust and pollution, and is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products. The standard bar material diameter is 27.8±0.2mm, and the plastic wall of the pipe wall is made of PE/ABS/ESD plastic, and the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.0mm. And a 1.5mm thick lean tube. Appearance colors are usually beige, white, black, ivory, and can also be used according to different requirements.

1. Use environment:

The wire rod series can only be used indoors without specific instructions.

2. Temperature range:

The temperature of the normal use environment is -10°C to 50°C (15 to 120°F); it should be noted that when the temperature of the plastic coated tube reaches 88°C (190°F), the ASA plastic resin layer will begin to deform.

Lean Pipes Connector

Lean Pipes Connector

3. Chemical resistance:

If you are not sure to keep away from various chemicals and oils, use a partially coated tube and a sample of the chuck to make a contact test. If there are no problems, you can continue to experiment and use. If you need to touch such items for a long time, be sure to check them regularly to avoid any adverse contact effects.

Wire rods (also known as plastic coated tubes) are welded steel tubes with a plastic resin coating. To prevent the coating from separating from the steel tubes, they are bonded with a special adhesive. The inner wall of the steel tube is a corrosion-resistant coating.

So what are the characteristics of lean tubes? Stainless Steel Coating Pipe Supplier will come to tell you.

1. Simplicity: The lean tube uses the simplest industrial production concept that is easy to understand. The instrument assembled with the lean tube does not have to consider too many precise data and structural rules except for the load description. Production line workers design and manufacture wire rod products according to their own workstation conditions.

2. Flexibility: With a simple design, the production of lean material handling systems is flexible, allowing you to design, build and adjust to your specific needs.

3, flexible and changeable: Due to the diversification of modern production products, it is necessary to constantly change the logistics station equipment, and constantly adjust in the production process. Building block components can be constructed into almost all kinds of medium and light work stations. Change is inevitable, and the standard components of the bar products make it easy to adapt to changes in the field.

4, in line with lean production methods: the standard components of the lean tube make your modification very easy, can adapt to the changing process on the scene.

5. Improve the working environment: In addition to reducing the time and necessary movement required to access parts and tools, it can also help you reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, because the main components of the lean tube are covered with plastic.

6. Scalability: Through the needs of different products, we can design new accessories that can be matched with the original lean material frame, and increase the use of different production methods or different stations.

7. Reusable: Lean tubes and fittings can be re-cycled. When the life cycle of a product or a process ends, the structure can be changed and the original parts can be reassembled to meet the new requirements.

The above is about the characteristics of lean tubes. In addition, the use of lean pipe should be matched with lean pipe joints. If you have any demand for such products, you can contact us. We mainly do Lean Pipes Connector Wholesale and sell lean pipes, etc. We welcome you.

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