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Caster Bushing Performance And Precautions

Apr. 27, 2019

Here is Pu Wheel Fixed Castor Manufacturer talking about Caster bushing performance and precautions.

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In life, the application of caster bushings has become very common; with the application and effect of the caster bushings, the caster bushings used are different in style. In recent years, the use of caster bushing brakes has become very common, as brakes have become an indispensable accessory for caster bushings as demanding for caster bushing applications. The brakes are also the brakes we often say. The brake caster bushings can control the steering and movement and improve the performance of the casters.

Pu Wheel Fixed Castor Manufacturer

First, the caster casing brake:

The brakes have left and right sides. The caster bushing with brakes will wear out after long-term use, and may unwittingly reduce the braking capacity. Please check the wear of the brake pads during use, pay attention to strong impact.

Second, the caster casing brake notes:

1. Do not step on the brakes when implementing.

2. Do not push it under the brakes.

3. Do not put it on the slope in the case of braking.

4. Please fully step on the brakes with the feet wearing shoes.

When using the brake caster bushing, always remember its use rules, and put it in the wrong way to damage the caster bushing, brakes, and other parts. When the caster bushing brake is selected, it should be selected according to the needs. There are brakes for steering only, brakes with brake wheels, and brakes for moving the brake wheels. Therefore, the specific problem is specifically selected.

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