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Daily Maintenance Of Lean Tubes

Nov. 20, 2019

The lean tube is a welded steel tube with a plastic resin coating. To prevent the coating from separating from the steel tube, a special adhesive is used between them. So how do we perform daily maintenance on the lean tube? The Flexible Metal Joint Supplier will tell you next.

Lean Tube

Lean Tube

First of all, we should check whether the bolts on the lean pipe rack are tightened, whether the chuck is loose, and whether the position of the chuck moves. If the lean pipe has been deformed seriously or the plastic peels off, it should be replaced with new materials to avoid unnecessary losses.

The selection of lean pipe fittings is very important, so there are many aspects to consider when choosing.

The lean pipe fittings are used for the three composite pipes to be installed on both sides with a random angle structure, which is mainly used to strengthen the overall strength. Lean pipe fittings refer to the auxiliary components of the product. Although the specifications of each model are different, of course, for different models, the specification configuration can be understood by consulting the product description. In the absence of a specification configuration, the level of use and performance of the product will be affected. Lean tube optional parts refer to parts that can enhance product functions and improve product performance in addition to standard accessories. Unlike standard parts, the use of optional parts does not affect the basic functions of the product. There are many types of optional accessories, and the optional products supported by different products are also different. Therefore, you should consult the product description before purchasing the optional accessories, so as not to buy them. Lean tube high-strength plywood countertops are more suitable for the addition and application of various accessories.

Secondly, when the lean tube rack with casters is moving, it is necessary to check to confirm whether the Brake Castor are released. After the position of the lean tube rack is fixed, the brakes are braked.

Third, according to the actual use, the primary filter should be removed and cleaned regularly, and the cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. If it is not washed for a long time, the dust will affect the lack of air intake and reduce the cleaning effect). Generally, when the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to reach the high point after 18 months of use, the ideal wind speed cannot be reached, indicating that the effective air filter is excessively dusty (the filter hole on the filter material has been basically blocked, it is necessary to be timely Update) The general effective air filter has a service life of 18 months.

Finally, only one layer of totes can be placed on each layer of the ordinary lean pipe fluent. Try to ensure that the weight of each turnover box on the lean pipe rack does not exceed 200 kg to avoid deformation of the lean pipe or raceway. Prevent heavy objects or forklifts from colliding with lean pipe racks to avoid damage to lean tubes.

The above is the method of Plastic Coating Pipe Manufacturer to share with you about the daily maintenance of lean tube, I hope to help everyone.

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