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Factory Layout Planning Steps

Jun. 05, 2019

Here is China Stainless Steel Metal Joint Factory talking about Factory layout planning steps. 

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1. Basic situation grasp: Understand the basic situation of enterprise development and industry market forecast analysis.

2. Interpreting corporate culture: Interpreting corporate culture and accessing documents such as corporate visual identity documents.

3. Value stream analysis: Conduct plant value stream analysis (information flow, logistics, process flow).

China Stainless Steel Metal Joint Factory

4. Draw process resource relationship matrix: identify key points of process and resource matching, and focus on control.

5. Capacity planning: understand the capacity demand and customer demand beats, balance equipment, and personnel capabilities.

6. Determine the layout of the main body.

7. Planning and design instructions: provide and layout planning and design overview, equipment statistics, area, staffing, fixtures, and other information, and explain.

8. Simulation and improvement: Three-dimensional software or models, and tables for logistics and handling tests, and continuous improvement of layout planning and design content.

9. Planning and implementation training: The new factory will be relocated, and training and instructions will be implemented according to the plan to ensure the implementation and implementation of the plan.

10. Follow-up after relocation: After the new plant is put into production smoothly, follow up and return visits to the plan, understand the imperfections, and propose improvements.

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