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Features of Lean Tube Workbench

Feb. 11, 2020

The aluminum alloy lean tube belongs to the third generation of the lean tube. The third generation lean tube is made of aluminum alloy and is silver-white in appearance. The surface is anodized for permanent corrosion and rust prevention. Improvements have also been made in connectors and fasteners. Its fasteners are made of die-cast aluminum for enhanced hardness and rigidity. The load capacity is improved compared to the first-generation lean tubes. Today Coated Pipe Accessory Supplier introduces you to the relevant knowledge of lean pipe.


Aluminum Lean Pipe Features:

Aluminum alloy material, surface anodized, easy to install and disassemble anti-corrosion and rust-proof connectors, elegant appearance, suitable connectors can quickly connect and fasten third-party parts. Representative of modern flexible production to maintain workshop and factory environment.


Aluminum tube shelf

Use points:

1, environmental protection, aluminum Lean Coated Tube (aluminum lean tube) compared with traditional lean tubes with one less resin coating, higher recycling value

2. Lighter weight. The weight of the aluminum pipe of the aluminum profile lean pipe is 369 g / m aluminum joint 61 g / piece and the traditional lean pipe 520 g / m traditional iron joint 145 g / piece. Compared to only half the weight;

3. Beautiful. The surface of the aluminum alloy lean pipe (aluminum lean pipe) is treated with acid-resistant aluminum, which can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time without maintenance, while the material of the traditional resin coating on the surface of the lean pipe is easy to age;

4. All kinds of inner joints are made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which guarantees quality and is beautiful at the same time. Inner connector. Aluminum alloy die-casting, 51g / piece, RoHS compliant, the use of internal connectors can ensure the beautiful appearance of the finished product; movable link internal joints The reinforced structure can be formed at any angle, and the appearance of the finished product is more beautiful if the joint is not exposed.

 Lean Coated Tube

Lean Coated Tube

Lean tube workbench features:

(1) Standard materials (lean pipes, joints and accessories) are designed and assembled for special station appliances and production systems. The surface layer of the lean pipe is a plastic layer, which does not easily damage the surface of parts.

(2) Simple assembly and flexible application, not limited by the shape of the component, the space of the work station, and the size of the site. And materials can be reused, saving production costs, supporting environmental protection and eliminating waste.

(3) Simple and convenient transformation, which can expand the structural functions at any time as needed, maximize the creativity of the on-site employees, continuously improve the lean production management on the site, improve production efficiency, and improve the overall quality of employees.


Precautions for using the lean tube workbench:

(1) Lean pipe workbenches should be cleaned during use. Some special lean pipe workbenches should pay attention to relevant details when installing.

(2) Do not stand on the table of the lean tube or allow it to accept a weight that exceeds its rated load. Do not bump the Lean Tube Workbench by bumping it. Handle it gently during use.


Lean pipe workbench is mainly assembled by PVC board with anti-static rubber, each lean Pipe, Lean Pipes Connector and light fixture. Assembling and disassembling is very simple and convenient. Designing and assembling according to the actual production conditions of personnel can realize the production line, which saves time and labor costs.

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