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Five Assembly Tips For Lean Tube Shelves

Jan. 14, 2020

Lean tube racks can be used in a variety of industries such as the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, communications industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemical industries, and precision hardware. And it has many advantages. Not only does the product have its own advantages, but its applications also have corresponding advantages. Because of this, it is favored by the general public!

However, in the lean industry, the lean tube rack is one of many workstations. Its components are assembled by lean tubes of various colors and corresponding Lean Pipes Connectors. The advantages and functions of this type of lean tube rack There are many, not only has the characteristics of low cost, acid and alkali resistance, not rust; but also its versatility and practicality are particularly strong. So what are the five assembly techniques for lean tube shelves? Let’s introduce it in detail by Flexible Metal Joint Supplier!

Lean Pipes Connectors

Lean Pipes Connectors

The five major assembly techniques for lean tube shelves are as follows:

1. Be sure to communicate early, because communication can save a lot of time and cost.

Lean tube racks must undergo detailed measurement and planning before installation and customization. For space problems, users must have already done a lot of work. Therefore, during the installation, it is necessary to communicate with the user to maximize the service for the user.

2. Hole display

There is a hole in the back of the perforated plate for connecting the perforated plate to the perforated plate. After the installation of the exhibition rack is completed, only the two perforated plates need to be connected from the back using the screws and nuts provided by the display rack, which can ensure the flatness of the panel and Strengthen the load-bearing of products.

3. The lamp tube of the light box type display rack is generally installed in the column, so that it can avoid being damaged by crushing when sending. And when installing, just take out the integrated lamp tube from the column, directly insert it into the slot of the light box, and then plug it in. Because it is equipped with energy-saving lamps, it will not be particularly bright when it is turned on, but it will return to normal after a few minutes.

4.Column connector

We only need to tighten it with an Allen wrench and insert it into the lower half of the lower post, and then insert the upper post to tighten it. Finally, make sure that the position of the screw is exactly opposite the slot of the post. However, we need to pay attention that the screws must be screwed in place, so that when installing the panel, the panel hooks will not touch the screws, and the panel cannot be inserted into the column groove.

5. For the cabinet door key of the cabinet display rack, be sure to use adhesive tape to the side of the bottom of the cabinet door. Before installation, you should first remove all the components from the bottom of the cabinet, remove the key to open the cabinet door, and finally remove the hook box. Install the required screws and allen key. In addition, in order to facilitate management, all the keys of the cabinet doors are now universal, so there is no need to worry about exchanging the keys and not opening the cabinet door.

The above are five assembly techniques of lean tube racks introduced by Stainless Steel Flat Joint Supplier. Hope to help you.

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