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How to Reduce the Wear and Tear of Flexible Pipes?

Jun. 24, 2019

After the Lean Pipe has been used for a period of time, its rails and strips have a certain degree of wear, so how can we minimize its wear? Do you know? It doesn't matter, then the Lean Pipe System Manufacturer will teach you some methods, let's take a look.

Lean Pipe

Lean Pipe

1. When the flexible pipe reaches your unit, first use a clean cotton cloth with gasoline, etc., scrub the metal guide surface of the flexible pipe and the lead screw all over again, and then apply the machine tool lubricant. Before using the flexible pipe every day, firstly inject the lubricating oil into the hand wheel of the pipe to ensure the cleaning of the machine guide rail as much as possible. Clean the iron pin on the flexible pipe workbench before leaving work, and keep it clean!

2. If the lean pipe is shaken during work, adjust the strip of the flexible tube. The position of the strip is generally below the table and together with the slider. The stroke of the flexible pipe should be changed frequently. Do not always use a place. Otherwise, the guide rail of the flexible pipe will wear very badly. If the work-piece with a large stroke is processed, an error will occur.

3. The strip of flexible pipe is located under the workbench. Always take out the strip to scrub it, and clean the oil inside. The strip is not too tight. This will increase the amount of wear, and the flexible pipe should always be added with lubricating oil, especially the position of the guide rail, dovetail groove and lead screw!

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