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How To Choose Metal Hose Joints?

Oct. 16, 2019

Metal hose couplings are a high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial piping and are used in a wide range of industrial piping applications. It consists mainly of bellows, mesh sleeves and joints. Its inner tube is a thin-walled stainless steel bellows with a spiral or ring shape, and the outer sleeve of the bellows is woven by stainless steel wire or steel strip according to certain parameters. In production practice, each metal hose has its own characteristics. When we buy metal hose connectors, how do we choose? Now the Stainless Steel Flat Joint Supplier will bring everyone together to understand:

1. Size hose nominal diameter: the type of joint (mainly flanged, threaded, quick joint) and metal hose size hose length.

2. Pressure: According to the actual working pressure of the hose, check the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the corrugated metal hose to determine whether to use the stainless steel mesh type metal hose.

3. Media: The chemical properties of the media conveyed in the hose, depending on the corrosion resistance of the hose material, determine the material of each part of the hose.

4. Temperature: The working temperature and range of the medium in the hose, and the ambient temperature when the hose is working. At high temperatures, the operating pressure temperature correction factor at the high temperature of the metal hose shall be determined to determine the pressure after the temperature correction to determine the correct pressure rating.

5. Status: According to the state of the hose when using, refer to the correct use and installation method of the metal hose and the optimal length of the hose in the settlement compensation, the length calculation of the various movement states of the hose and the minimum bending times of the hose And the minimum bending radius and other parameters, the hose length is correctly selected and installed correctly.

PE Coated Tube

PE Coated Tube

In addition, if large enterprises want to order a large number of metal joints, in addition to considering the Metal Joint Wholesaler Price, we should also refer to the following three factors for selection.

1. Select the appropriate construction and material according to the corresponding use environment. Including the humidity conditions of the environment, the condition of the dust, and whether it is easy to corrode, etc., to comprehensively consider the type of the quick connector, the body material, and the sealing material. If the metal hose fitting is exposed to a chemically corrosive environment, such as salt water or acid gas, only stainless steel or brass fittings can be used as specified.

2. Select the appropriate construction and material according to the type and temperature of the fluid. Different types of fluids and body materials, sealing materials, need to be equipped with different metal hose quick connectors. If it is air, it is recommended to use metal joints made of steel; if it is water, it is recommended to use brass or stainless steel joints. Therefore, the choice of metal hose joints should take into account the chemical composition, temperature and pressure of the fluid and the consistency of the pipe joints. In order to avoid the erosion of mineral oil and synthetic fluids, most pipe joints are plated. If a rubber seal is used as a fitting part, the seal material must be compatible with the fluid.

3. According to the construction of the automatic opening and closing valve, select the appropriate gold soft hose joint. The construction of the valve usually has two-way switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type. When you purchase a metal hose connector, you have to figure out which type it is. Since the fluid flows out of the pipe in addition to the two-way switch type at the time of separation, it is necessary to select a quick joint of a valve structure suitable for piping use. The crimped metal hose joint requires less space than the detachable pipe joint and is 15% smaller than the detachable type, which makes economical use of the effective space and reduces the volume and weight of the entire system. Permanent crimping fittings should be used for high pressure piping because detachable fittings are not easily installed on hoses reinforced with four or six layers of spiral wire.

Finally, if you are interested in metal joints, you can contact us. In addition to producing metal joints, the company also produces coated tubes similar to PE Coated Tube. Quality and service are the direction that the company is relentlessly pursuing. If you have a friend who needs it, you can call us or consult online.

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