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How Are The Lean Pipe Connections Connected?

Sep. 23, 2019

China Lean Pipe Joint is the preferred tool of choice for today's businesses. Like wire rod trolleys, shelves, work benches, turnover cars, and flexible systems are assembled from plastic-coated tubes and a wide variety of connectors. This assembled product transforms any creative idea into a personalized, realistic structure that adapts to the changing process on site.

China Lean Pipe Joint

China Lean Pipe Joint

Lean Pipe connectors are an integral part of the software architecture that enables the linking between components by modeling the rules of interaction between components. After the surface of the connector is treated, the surface is smooth and flat and will not rust. So, what are its connection steps? Lean Pipe Metal Joints Factory would like to tell you.

1. When connecting the lean pipe joints, first check whether the joints are in conformity with the specifications of the wire rods, check whether the threads of the wire ends and the threads of the connecting sleeve are clean and intact, and check whether the effective thread length of the wire ends meets the line. Bar product design requirements, then proceed to the second step.

2. We can screw the connecting sleeve into the end of the steel wire with the extended thread, screw it to the tail of the screw, and then rotate the connecting sleeve in the opposite direction to screw the connecting sleeve into the standard steel wire of the other steel bar. And screw the connecting sleeve to the end of the standard steel wire head.

3. After the two steps of 1, 2 are completed, another end face of the connected steel bar with the standard wire head can be connected to the sleeve and the end face of the connected steel bar.

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