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Is the Composite Pipe and Lean Pipe the Same Product?

Jul. 02, 2019

Many people are unclear about Lean Pipe and composite pipe, and some even think they are the same product. Is that the case? In fact, they are the two different attributes of the pipe, not the same product! If you confuse, it may bring losses to everyone. So, how to distinguish them? Today, as a professional Lean Pipe Joint Factory, we will introduce it to you.

Lean Pipe

Lean Pipe

The lean pipe is a welded steel pipe with a plastic resin coating after the surface treatment of the high-quality steel pipe. The outer surface is made of a plastic layer of PE/ABS/ESD, and the inner surface is covered with an anti-corrosion layer.

However, the composite pipe refers to a combination of two or more triodes according to a certain rule, equivalent to a triode, which is equipped with two or more electrode systems in the shell of one electron tube, and each electrode system independently passes through the electron flow to realize the respective Functional tube.

Lean pipe and composite pipe, the material definition and material property definition between them are different. The definition of composite pipe is to establish the isotropic material model through the constitutive model of metal material (elastoplastic material) and its failure theory. An orthotropic material model is established by the constitutive relation and failure theory of composite materials.

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