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What Are The Lean Tube Fittings?

May. 13, 2019

As a manufacturer of Metal Joint For Pipe Rack System, we will discuss What are the lean tube fittings with you.

1. The head (top cover) is used for the wire rod, the lean tube, and the composite tube head.

2. The foot cover is used for wire rod, lean tube, composite tube set foot.

3. Single-sided pipe code (single-side pipe clamp) is used to fix the workbench and the shelf of the shelf.

Metal Joint For Pipe Rack System

4. Bilateral pipe code (bilateral pipe clamp) is used to fix the workbench and the shelf of the shelf.

5. Hooks are used for hanging and finishing objects such as various worktables and material racks.

6. Adjustable foot cup is used for height adjustment of wire rod and work table.

7. Anti-slip foot cups are used for height adjustment of worktables and wire rods. Adjustable foot cup has wide load range, wear resistance, impact resistance, high/low-temperature resistance, heavy load, anti-static, anti-corrosion, low noise, up and down adjustment, base pad rubber, and at the same time acting on shockproof, adding strong anti-skid effect Performance.

8. The latest slide rails assembled by a simple structure and are used for sliding devices such as gravity sliding shelves and guide rails. With the related components such as lean pipe and joints, it can be assembled into beautiful worktables, storage shelves, material turnover vehicles, logistics trolleys, display stands, hangers, flexible production lines and other products. Convenient for reorganization, flexible tube plastic surface, reducing the risk of injury to workers in the workplace. Non-polluting production, components can be recycled, no waste, fully in line with international environmental protection concepts.

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