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The Characteristics Of The Third Generation Of Lean Tube Products

Nov. 13, 2019

Lean tube with lean pipe joints can be assembled into various types of equipment such as lean pipe production line, lean pipe production line, lean pipe workbench, lean pipe turnover car, and lean pipe storage shelf. Lean tube has the following characteristics:

1. Simplicity: The lean tube uses a simple industrial production concept that is easy to understand. The instrument assembled with the lean tube does not have to consider too many data and structural rules except for the load description. Production line workers design and manufacture wire rod products according to their own workstation conditions.

2. Flexibility: Through simple design, the production of lean material handling system has good flexibility, which allows you to design, build and adjust according to your own needs.

3, flexible and changeable: Due to the diversification of modern production products, it is necessary to constantly change the logistics station equipment, and constantly adjust in the production process. The modular components can be constructed as lightweight workstations. Change is inevitable, and the standard components of the wire bar make it easy to modify and adapt to the changing process on the spot.

4, in line with the lean production method: the standard components of the lean tube make your modification easy, and can adapt to the changing process on the spot.

5. Improve the working environment: Lean Manufacturing Pipe System can reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, in addition to reducing the time and movement required to access parts and tools, because the main components of the lean tube are covered with plastic. 

Lean Pipe System

Lean Pipe System

6. Scalability: Through the needs of different products, we can design new accessories that can be matched with the original lean material frame, and increase the use of different production methods or different stations.

7. Reusable: Lean tubes and fittings are reusable. When the life cycle of a product or a process ends, the original parts can be reassembled to adapt to new requirements by changing the structure of the product.

Lean tube products are used in various production stages such as automobile industry, electronics manufacturing, communication industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, chemical industry, precision hardware and so on. Lean tubes can be divided into first-generation, second-generation, third-generation lean tubes, etc. What are their characteristics? Lean Pipes Connector Wholesaler will come to tell you.

1, the first generation of lean tube (general lean tube)

The first generation of lean tubes is also a kind of lean tube that people often see. The material is steel pipe and plastic layer. The first generation of lean pipe is a kind of lean pipe, which is cheaper than other two generations of lean pipe.

Features: low price and easy processing. Suitable for small businesses, can compress the cost, the appearance of waste products is poor, the connection parts work poorly, the paint will be rusted, the load is light, and it is suitable for light load workbench and transportation equipment.

2, the second generation of lean tube (stainless steel lean tube)

The second generation of lean tube, stainless steel also has anti-corrosion and anti-rust function. However, the load of stainless steel is lighter, and the second generation of lean tube uses stainless steel as its material, and the price is slightly higher than that of the first generation of lean tube. Overall, the price/performance ratio is not very high.

Features: anti-corrosion and anti-rust, stainless steel. The market is highly competitive, the connection parts are cumbersome to install, and the appearance is improved compared to the first generation.

3, the third generation of lean tube (aluminum profile lean tube)

The third generation of lean tube, the appearance of silver white and the appearance of anodized aluminum alloy material, anti-corrosion and rust. The connectors and fasteners have also been improved. Its fasteners are made of die-cast aluminum, which enhances hardness and rigidity and has a higher load capacity than the first generation of lean tubes.

Features: Appearance anodized, aluminum alloy. Corrosion-proof and rust-proof, the connecting parts are convenient to load and unload, and the appearance is elegant and generous. Suitable connecting parts can be connected and fastened with third-party parts. Representatives of modern flexible production adhere to the workshop and factory environment.

The above is the characteristics of the three generations of Lean Tube, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in lean fittings and workbench, you can contact us, and we also have Brake Castor. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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