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Accessories For Lean Tube Series

Sep. 19, 2019

Today, Sheet Metal Flat Joints Supplier will introduce you to the accessories of the lean tube products to see what they have and where can they be applied?

The overall concept of lean tube products: suitable for various industries, in line with the environmental protection call advocated by the international community and fully reflecting the recycling of resources, suitable for small batches and diversified production methods, flexible and changeable, sustainable improvement, repeatable Use, make reasonable use of the venue. Reduce waste, improve the environment, reduce costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

China Metal Joint

China Metal Joint

Casters are one of the important lean pipe fittings. When the casters are added, the lean pipe products can realize the mobility, and the lean pipe flexible system can better adapt to the needs of the turnover.

According to the different conditions of the products, the casters are available in both flat and plunger styles. The following are examples of two casters: the caster casters are suitable for light load applications, and the caster inserts directly cooperate with the inner wall of the bar, no need for other sturdy Pieces, easy to install. Flat casters are suitable for heavy-duty applications. They must be used with two sets of caster chucks. Use fixed or movable casters according to different conditions.

There is also a China Metal Joint. The products consisting of lean pipe joints and lean pipes are simple in construction, flexible in application, and are not limited by the shape of the parts and the space of the work space and the size of the site. Moreover, if you want to transform, it is also very Simple and easy to expand its structural capabilities as needed.

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