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Lean Tube Products

Jan. 07, 2020

When a product appears, the market will test him, and the end result is to use his consumer to decide whether it is acceptable or welcome, depending on the convenience and practical utility it brings to the user.

Lean pipe is a flexible pipe composed of a steel alloy and polymer plastic. The outer layer is a PE, ABS, ESD plastic layer, the middle is a metal layer, and the inner layer is a rust-proof layer. Using Metal Joint For Pipe and Rack System and special accessories, it can be assembled into various shapes such as assembly lines, production lines, workbenches, turnaround cars, storage shelves, etc. Lean tube products are suitable for providing flexible unit production lines, building block-type lines, flexible storage equipment, material distribution equipment, industrial automation equipment, and other special equipment and technical services designed according to the needs of field improvement for the automotive, electronics, and machinery manufacturing industries.

Metal Joint For Pipe

Metal Joint For Pipe 

Lean tube products have appeared in our vision for a long time, and have been accepted and welcomed by many manufacturers over the years. Compared with traditional products, lean tube workbenches, lean tube assembly lines, lean tube shelves and many other products have helped Enterprises have further promoted the sound progress of production activities.

The reason why lean pipe is welcomed by so many companies is that its advantages are inseparable. Lean pipe is made of high quality steel pipe after surface treatment, the outer surface is combined with a special plastic layer of thermoplastic bonding, and the inner surface is covered with a corrosion protection layer to make. After the product is composed, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, wear resistance, bright color, rust-free and pollution-free, etc. It is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products. Appearance colors are mainly white, black and beige. Various colors can be provided according to customer requirements.

1. Lean tube flexible system is simple, convenient and quick.

2. Lean tube flexible system is flexible, with various forms and strong flexibility.

3. Product environmental protection and safety.

4. Improve working environment and work efficiency.

In addition, the lean tube rack is a rack body that uses lean tubes and a variety of connectors to assemble to form workstation shelves that meet different needs. Lean tube racks can be adjusted according to the height of the human body, reducing personnel's actions such as bending over and taking up, which improves space utilization. Because lean pipes and fittings can be reused repeatedly, when the storage area is adjusted and improved, the structure of the lean pipe rack can be changed, the original fittings can be used to redesign, and the shape can be changed to meet the new requirements. The company saves some unnecessary expenses and improves production efficiency. The putting into use of the lean tube rack has increased the flexibility of the work station. The cargo placement can be adjusted according to the wishes of the operator, and it can also be specially designed according to the opinions of the packaging operators to make the work more comfortable. Lean tube racks not only reduce the time required for people to pick up and return goods, they also protect workers.

Good products will be used and welcomed by more people. The Stainless Steel Coating Pipe Supplier also thinks that lean pipes can become the choice of more people. We will not continue to optimize lean pipe products and let lean pipe products enter more.

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