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Why Does The Lean Workbench Increase Productivity?

Jul. 17, 2019

Production is inseparable from the use of the workbench. Only when the product is in the best condition, coupled with the cooperation of the various work sections, it can maximize the production and work efficiency. The use of the lean pipe workbench can improve production efficiency and maximize the production.

Lean Pipe

Lean Pipe

Why is the Lean Pipe workbench capable of promoting production?

1. High quality products. When the parts are in the process of processing, the loading and unloading is completed once, the machining precision is high, and the processing form is stable.

2. High equipment utilization. After a group of machine tools are programmed into a flexible production line, the output is higher than that of this group of machine tools when dispersing single machine operation.

3. The number of products in process is reduced by about 80%.

4. The production capacity is relatively stable. The automatic machining system consists of one or more machine tools. When a fault occurs, there is the ability to degrade the operation. The material transfer system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine. If the lean tube workbench is repaired, it will not affect the normal operation and operation of other work units.

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