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The Assembly Line Of Lean Tube

Aug. 29, 2019

Here is a professional Sheet Metal Flat Joints Supplier talking about the assembly line of lean tube.

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Flexible Workstation Metal Joint

Flexible Workstation Metal Joint

Lean pipe assembly line: mainly composed of lean pipe, lean pipe joints, plates, lamps, etc., lean pipe line is also known as flexible lean pipe production line, lean production line. It is a modular structure with modular construction. It is very flexible in assembly and disassembly. It can be changed or adapted to the changes of the production line in the shortest time. It can restore production in time and save time and money.

Features of the lean tube assembly line:

1. Pipeline production mode, increase production, reduce production costs, and increase profit margins.

2. Flexible use and reduced labor costs. In the production process of the lean pipe assembly line, the use of manpower is greatly reduced, and even in some industries, it can be operated normally without being looked after.

3. Lean tube assembly line has large strain capacity, production equipment can be coordinated, system layout is reasonable, and equipment is convenient and convenient to meet the needs of the market.

4. The production capacity is stable, the production line is systematically produced, and the output is stable.

5. The equipment utilization rate is high. After the machine tool is programmed into the lean tube assembly line, the output will be several times higher than that when the machine tool is dispersed.

At present, the Lean Pipeline is mainly used in electronics manufacturing, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, automotive, communications, military, precision hardware, various chemical industries, etc.

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