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Safe Use Of Scaffolding

Apr. 30, 2019

Here is Metal Joint For Pipe Rack System supplier talking about Safe use of scaffolding. 

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When using scaffolding, moving the scaffolding accessories plays an auxiliary role, so we use the scaffolding and its accessories reasonably in the process of use to achieve the best use effect, but the reasonable application of scaffolding is more important than the application of the accessories. Now let's analyze the safe use of scaffolding.

First, the actual construction load (person, material, and machine weight) per 1 m2 of the working surface shall not exceed the following specified values or construction design values. The standard value of the construction load (weight of personnel, utensils, and materials on the working floor), 3KN/m2 for structural scaffolding; 3KN/m2 for tool scaffolding;

Second, the materials placed on the rack surface should be placed neatly and steadily, and should not affect the construction operation and personnel access. Scaffolding required to pass through the trolley should ensure that the lane is clear. It is strictly forbidden for the shelves to run, retreat or retreat on the frame;

Third, the maximum working height of the operator on the rack should be such that normal operation can be performed. It is forbidden to add a device or a single scaffolding on the shelf to increase the operating height.

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