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Steps For Daily Maintenance Of Lean Tubes

Dec. 11, 2019

Lean tubes have the following characteristics:

1. Simplicity: Lean tubes use the simplest industrial production concepts that are easy to understand. Except for the load description, appliances assembled with lean tubes do not need to consider too many accurate data and structural rules. Production line workers design and manufacture wire rod products according to their own working conditions.

2. Flexibility: Through simple design, the production of lean material handling system has good flexibility, which allows you to design, build and adjust according to your special needs.

3. Flexible: Due to the diversification of modern production products, it is necessary to continuously change the logistics station appliances and continuously adjust them during the production process. The building block-type components can be built into almost all kinds of medium- and light-weight appliances. Change is inevitable. The standard components of the wire rod product make your modification very easy and can adapt to the changing process on the spot.

4. Meet the lean production method: The standard components of the lean tube make your modification very easy and can adapt to the changing process on site.

5. Improve working environment: In addition to reducing the time and necessary movement of parts and tools, it can also help you reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, because the main components of the Lean tube are covered with plastic.

6. Scalability: According to the needs of different products, new accessories that can be matched with the original lean rack can be designed to increase the use of different production methods or different stations.

7. Reusable: Lean tubes and accessories are recyclable. When the life cycle of a product or a process ends, you can change the structure of the product and reassemble with the original accessories to meet the new requirements.

Lean Manufacturing Pipe System

Lean Manufacturing Pipe System

So how should lean tubes be maintained? Flexible Metal Joint Supplier will come to tell you.

First of all, we must check whether the bolts on the lean pipe rack are tightened, whether the chuck is loose, and whether the position of the chuck is moved. If the lean pipe is found to be deformed seriously or the plastic skin has fallen off, new materials should be used instead to avoid production.

The selection of lean pipe fittings is very important, so there are many aspects to consider when choosing. Lean pipe fittings are used to install three composite pipes into a bilaterally angled structure, which is mainly used to strengthen the overall strength. Lean tube optional accessories refer to components that can enhance product functions and improve product performance in addition to standard accessories. Unlike standard accessories, the use of optional accessories will not affect the use of basic product functions. There are many types of optional accessories, and the optional products supported by different products are different. Therefore, you should check the product description before choosing optional accessories.

Secondly, when the lean tube holder with Brake Castor is moving, you must check whether the caster brake is released. After the position of the lean tube holder is fixed, brake the brake.

Third, according to the actual use situation, the primary filter should be removed and cleaned regularly, and the cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. If it is not washed for a long time, the dust accumulation will affect the lack of air intake and reduce the cleaning effect).

Fourth, the normal Lean Manufacturing Pipe System can only put one turnover box on each floor. Try to ensure that the weight of each turnover box on the lean tube rack does not exceed 200 kg, so as not to deform the lean tube or the raceway. Prevent heavy objects or forklifts from colliding with the Lean Tube Holder to avoid damaging the Lean Tube.

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