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The Application Of Lean Pipe Joint

Nov. 06, 2019

Now lean tube has been widely used in various fields. It is the basic supporting equipment for achieving lean production mode in industrial production. With the continuous growth of lean tube in the market, it can be assembled into the equipment needed by the workshop, which is beautiful and practical. And in addition to reducing the time and the necessary movement required to access parts and tools, Lean Tubes can help you reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Because the main components of the lean tube shelf are covered with plastic, a new accessory that can be used with the original lean frame can be designed to increase the use of different production methods or different stations. Lean tubes and fittings can be re-cycled by changing the structure of the product. When the life cycle of a product or process is completed, the original parts are reassembled to meet the new requirements.

Metal Joint

Metal Joint 

So what are the accessories for the lean tube? The Flexible Metal Joint Supplier will tell you.

1. The head (top cover) is used for the wire rod, the lean tube and the composite pipe rod head.

2, the foot cover is used for the wire rod, the lean tube, the composite line rod tube sleeve foot.

3. Single side pipe clamp (single side pipe code) is used to fix the laminate of the lean pipe workbench and the wire bar shelf.

4. Bilateral pipe clamp (bilateral pipe code) is used to fix the lean pipe workbench and the shelf of the shelf.

5, lean tube shelf hooks are used for hanging and finishing of various lean tube worktables, material racks and other items.

6. Adjustable foot cup is used for height adjustment of wire rod and lean tube workbench.

7. The non-slip foot cup is used for the height adjustment of the lean tube workbench and the wire rod. Adjustable foot cup has wide load range, wear resistance, impact resistance, high/low temperature resistance, heavy load, anti-static, anti-corrosion, low noise, up and down adjustment, base pad rubber, and at the same time acting on shockproof, adding strong anti-skid effect Performance.

The following mainly tells you about the role of lean pipe joints. Lean pipe joints are an original part of the lean production method. This production method first appeared in the electronics assembly industry. It is a production method in which a small number of workers undertake and complete all the processes in the production unit. The characteristics of the lean pipe products are also passed. Small original parts such as lean pipe joints and lean pipeline rods are combined. It belongs to the Metal Joint for Pipe Rack System.

Lean pipe joint product features:

1. Standard materials (lean tubes, lean joints, lean accessories) are designed to set up special station equipment and production systems;

2. It is simple to set up and flexible to apply, and is not limited by the shape of the parts, the space of the station and the size of the site;

3. The transformation is simple and can expand its structural functions at any time;

4. Maximize the creativity of the on-site staff and continuously improve the lean production management on site;

5. Materials can be reused to save production costs;

6. The surface layer of the lean pipe joint is a plastic layer, which is not easy to damage the surface of the component;

7. Improve production efficiency, improve the overall quality of employees, and stimulate potential.

Product application range Copiers, printers Lean production systems Digital cameras, projectors Lean production systems Communication products Lean production systems PC products Lean production systems Electronics Lean production systems Electrical products Lean production systems Automotive manufacturing station equipment Material storage Turnover appliances Storage shelves Commercial use Other feasible applications of the display stand are the best production line for lean production engineering. Welcome to eliminate waste. At the same time, Lean Pipes Connector Wholesale can meet the requirements of small batches and multiple varieties. Therefore it is widely used.

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