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What Are The Production Steps For The Lean Workbench?

Jul. 11, 2019

The Lean Pipe workbench is an industrial product that meets the production needs of the workshop and it is more suitable for the addition and application of various accessories. For manufacturers of lean production, it is very helpful for the promotion of lean production. Now we use the workbench in all walks of life. For us, the workbench is already an indispensable aid in our production.

Lean Pipe

Lean Pipe

Let's take a look at the production steps of the lean pipe workbench.

First, the technical staff design drawings, the workbench has independent workbench and assembly line workbench. The independent workbench is relatively simple, and the assembly line workbench is slightly more complicated. Workbench drawings can be designed according to production needs.

Second, the material preparation. According to the number of drawings and the length of the drawing, sawing and growing segments of different lengths. Cut the work surface into the size required by the drawing. There are also accessories such as connectors and glue. If it is an anti-static workbench, prepare anti-static accessories such as anti-static counter-tops, anti-static mats, and aluminum foil.

Third, the workbench frame assembly. The workbench frame is generally mounted, the two corner pieces, bolts and nuts are fixed, assembled according to the drawings.

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