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What Is A Wire Rod Joint?

Oct. 23, 2019

Wire rods, also known as lean tubes or plastic coated tubes, are galvanized steel tubes with a plastic resin coating. In the eyes of many people, the bar is just an ordinary stick. The bar can be combined by various designers to form a variety of station tools, such as wire bars. Storage shelves, wire bar workbench, wire rod trolleys, etc. The wire bar storage shelves are used to store goods, and there are Cross Metal Joint for Warehouse Shelves to connect warehouse shelves The wire bar workbench is unique and beautiful, while the wire bar trolley is the right assistant for material turnover.

There is also a wire rod joint used with the wire rod, so what is its application field? Stainless Steel Flat Joint Supplier come to tell you.

Wire rod joints, surface treated with lacquer or chrome plating, the processing technology is cut into strips with 2.5mm cold-rolled sheet and then stamped through multiple steps, then polished lacquer, or chrome-plated, or surge surface treatment. The chrome-plated joint is generally applied to the surface of the product position of the mold. After the treatment, the surface of the mold and the workpiece is smooth, smooth, easy to demould, and will not rust. In particular, the metal parts have small deformation during the plating process, and the hardness can be enhanced after chrome plating (HR65 or higher), high temperature resistance up to 500 ° C, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and wear resistance.

Coated Tube

Coated Tube

Advantages of wire rod joints

1. Flexibility and creativity: The structure is simple, and your creativity can make your decoration unique.

2. Standardization: It meets the requirements of ISO9000 and QS9000 and has a unified marking standard.

3, flexibility: modular structure, easy to reorganize, so that you always have a fresh sense.

4, safety: flexible pipe plastic surface, reducing the risk of injury to workers in the workplace

5, environmental protection: non-polluting production, components can be recycled, no waste, fully in line with international environmental protection concept

6, in line with human mechanics: only need an M6 Allen wrench, the installation process can be completed. A multi-purpose concept that maximizes economic benefits.

The wire rod joint can be combined with the wire rod (lean tube/steel-plastic composite pipe) into various flexible worktables, assembly lines, storage shelves, turnover vehicles, etc., which has the characteristics of convenient disassembly, flexible assembly and improved production efficiency.

Bar connector application

Wire rod products are suitable for flexible unit production lines, building block production lines, flexible storage equipment, material distribution equipment, industrial automation equipment and other fields based on the automotive, electronics, machinery manufacturing, commercial logistics, tobacco, farm, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Improve specialized equipment and technical services, production innovations and on-site improvement solutions that require design. Mainly used in the manufacture of various enterprise production lines, because the wire rod joint products can be designed by anyone, the wire rod joint products use the simplest industrial production concept that is easy to understand, and the description of the load of the wire rod joint products. In addition, it does not have to consider too many precise data and structural rules. For example, workers on the production line can design and manufacture wire rod products according to their own work conditions.

The above is about the description of the wire rod joint, I hope to answer everyone's doubts. In addition, if you have the need of composite pipe, you can contact us, we can provide you with high quality composite pipe, Coated Tube and metal joint, you can To meet your needs, you are welcome.

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