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How To Avoid The Wear And Tear Of The Wire Rod Connector?

Aug. 08, 2019

Here is Lean Pipe Black Metal Joint Manufacturer talking about how to the wear and tear of the wire rod connector.

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Wire rod connectors, also called plastic pipe joints. Like ordinary joints, it is an indispensable accessory for the production of various types of products. It is used in a variety of different fields.

China Lean Pipe Joint

China Lean Pipe Joint

Such as: automotive industry, communications industry, bioengineering, electronics manufacturing, precision hardware and other diversified production links. Can be assembled into workbench, shelf, turnover car, flexible flow.

Line and other various structural equipment.

As the plastic pipe joints are used for a longer period of time, the strips and guide rails are inevitably worn, which affects the efficiency of use. So how do we reduce its wear and tear?

The following small series gives you a few tricks:

First, when receiving the plastic pipe joint, we should first use a clean cotton cloth, scrub the metal rail surface of the flexible pipe and the screw, and then apply the machine oil.

And before using the plastic coated pipe product, we must first inject a proper amount of lubricating oil into the hand wheel of the plastic coated pipe to ensure the cleanliness of the machine guide rail as much as possible.

Second, the strip of the plastic pipe joint is also located under the workbench. Always take out the strip to scrub it, and clean the oil inside. Do not adjust the strip.

Too tight. This will increase the amount of wear, and the flexible pipe should always be filled with lubricating oil, especially the position of the guide rail, dovetail groove, and lead screw!

Third, if the wire rod connector is obviously swaying when working, then we need to adjust the strip of the plastic tube, the position of the box is generally below the table, and together with the slider . The stroke of the flexible pipe should be changed frequently. Do not always use the same place. Otherwise, the guide rail of the plastic pipe joint will wear out very much. If a work piece with a large stroke is processed, an error may occur.

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