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Wire Rod Racks gradually Reach a Reasonable State of Product Structure

Jan. 20, 2020

What about the racks assembled with wire rods? The awareness of the scientific and sustainable production is getting higher and higher, with the maturity of warehouse logistics shelves. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of scientific development, more wire rod products will be used to assemble shelves. The characteristics of the wire rod are in line with the environmental maintenance call advocated in the international community and fully reflect the recycling of resources. It can be suitable for small batches and diversified production methods, flexible, sustainable improvement, reusable, and reasonable use of the site. Reduce waste, improve the environment, reduce costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

The outer surface uses a special layer of thermoplastic bonding. The wire rod rack is composed of Lean Coated Tube and connectors. The inner and outer surfaces are covered by a combination of anticorrosive layers. After forming the product, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, abrasion resistance, bright color, rust-free and pollution-free, etc. It can transform any inventive idea into a personalized and realistic structure, and quickly realize the operator's conception of the working environment and creativity, according to ergonomic principles, combined into various types, specifications, sizes of station appliances and material racks, wire rod racks can be arbitrarily assembled, the structure is flexible and changeable, continue to improve and gradually reach a reasonable state of product structure. It can be equipped with Brake Castor to facilitate the movement of the entire station, is an ideal alternative to stainless steel products. Wire rod shelves have been widely used in factories in home appliances, automobiles, light industry electronics and other industries.

Lean Coated Tube

Lean Coated Tube

Wire rod rack assembly principles:

1, first install the side piece and the negative piece and then install the connecting rod;

2, reinstall the load bearing rod and install the connecting rod,

3. Then install the two ends and then install the middle, and all the chucks and plastic pipes are installed in place according to the design requirements;

4. Finally, make sure that each chuck screw is tightened in place. Do not hit the plastic pipe and chuck with a hard hammer. When installing the column, ensure that it is perpendicular to the ground, so as to prevent the entire lean pipe rack from being unevenly stressed and causing damage. (Note: pay attention to the deformation of the plastic pipe when cutting the plastic-coated pipe. There may be special-purpose components, such as insert frames, hooks, etc., which need to be processed and configured.)

Flexible application, simple assembly of wire-bar racks, not restricted by the shape of the parts, the space of the work place, and the size of the site; simple reconstruction, and can expand its structural functions at any time; Make full use of the invention of on-site employees and continue to improve the on-site lean production management from time to time; data can be reused to deliver production costs; wire rod racks are covered with plastic layers and connected with Metal Joints, which does not easily damage the appearance of parts; Promote production efficiency, improve the overall quality of employees, and stimulate potential.

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