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Product Details
Product NameInsert line
Operation modeForced and freestyle
ClassificationAutomatic and manual
ApplicationMulti-specification PCB plug-in process

Product Details:

Plug-in line is the first kind of pipeline equipment, widely used in various production lines.It plays an important role in modern production.

Plug-in line classificationDivided into manual plug - in line and chain automatic plug - in line, suitable for multi - specification circuit board plug - in process.
Plug-in line styleUnilateral plug-in line, bilateral plug-in line, turn plug-in line.
Electric control wayFrequency conversion, stepless speed motor, electronic speed motor
Operation modeIt can be divided into compulsory and freestyle.
Lateral lumbar structureSteel structure, aluminum structure.
Configurable optionsAir pipe, fan, process board, instrument panel, socket, toolbox.

Product Features:

Can be customized according to customer requirements, widely used in the electronics industry.

The combination and configuration of plug-in lines in the production line can be changed at will. The speed of plug-in lines can be adjusted by speed changing knob, and the width can be high speed with the width of circuit board at any time. The body is made of aluminum alloy.

Hand-pushed plug-in line USES aluminum guide as the transmission medium, so the line body friction is small, no noise, no need to add any lubricating oil, no pollution to the transmission of the PCB.

Product specification:

1. The line length is calculated according to the product assembly process arrangement;

2. The height of the line body is 2M, and the working face height is adjustable;

3. Line width: freely determined according to product specifications;

4. Configuration: (1) fluorescent lamp (2) electric fan (3) process drawing board (4) toolbox equipped with power socket (normal power is 110V, because of personal safety, so in the automatic assembly line will be used to 110V voltage supply) (5) rocker (6) element box (7)EM operation manual bookshelf.

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