• Without brake castor
  • Without brake castor
  • Without brake castor
  • Without brake castor

Without brake castor

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Product Details
Product Namewithout brake castor
Other product namesUniversal fixed wheel/fixed wheel
MaterialRubber wheel/Nylon wheel/ PU wheel/Mute wheel

Product Details :

This kind of castor has no rotating structure and cannot rotate.Fixed casters are usually used with movable casters.

For example, the structure of the trolley is that there are two fixed wheels in the front, and two universal wheels near the pushing armrest in the back.

product advantages :

The fixed wheel is suitable for all kinds of road conditions, and the fixed wheel is larger and relatively stronger.

product specifications :

We have a wide range of specifications. For more details, please contact us.

Product application :

The combination of fixed wheel and universal wheel works best.

It is widely used in industry, medical, logistics, terminal handling equipment and other aspects.

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