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Lean tube work table, also known as wire bar work table, is a work table product assembled by the industrial caster of lean tube metal joint, such as anti-static tabletop, which is adjustable, easy to disassemble and install, simple, flexible, strong structure, durable and durable to improve the working environment in line with the characteristics of ergonomics!Widely used in all fields!The characteristics of lean pipe work table (wirebar work table) are as follows:

  1. The worktable is easy to assemble and has high strength, which can make the worktable bear the rated weight

  2. A variety of work desktop choice, can cooperate with different use requirements

  3. Power holes are reserved at the feet of heavy duty work tables to facilitate customers to install power sockets

  4. After installing the tool cabinet, it can use the space more reasonably and store the tools and spare parts

  5. Choose a suitable table top can be directly installed on the bench bench bench pliers, suitable for bench work

  6. Workbench can be installed hang board, electrical board, lamp roof shelf and other table components, with a variety of choices, can meet the needs of all kinds of work, its panel can be chosen at will commonly used stainless steel composite board board and so on can be chosen by themselves

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