• warehouse packing workbench

warehouse packing workbench

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Product Details
Product NameWarehouse Packing Table
Other product namesPackaging table
Product specificationFree design and assembly according to customer requirements
MaterialPE/ABS/ESD coated + Steel / Plastic coated + Steel / Stainless Steel

Product features:

The packaging table (scanning table, logistics table) is composed of lean pipe and joint parts, which is easy to disassemble, flexible to assemble and improve production efficiency.

Product advantages:

Its board surface will be specially treated, with anti-corrosion, anti-static and other characteristics.

There are a variety of board selection, with different requirements for use.

Product Application:

Applicable to the electronic industry testing and maintenance use.

Various forms of workstations can be formed through their arrangement.

The work table is specially designed for the assembly, production, maintenance and operation of the factory.

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